EventsReview of OBERON’s 2nd Annual Meeting (from ESR’s perspective)



From the 24th to the 26th of September 2022, members from OBERON’s network had the opportunity to have the second face-to-face meeting in Jesus College, Cambridge, UK.

During these three days supervisors and invited professors gave lectures about interesting topics that involve our research projects.

On the first day, ESR’s did a short presentation on the progress of each of the projects. It was wonderful to see all the projects starting to take shape and the effort that each ESR is putting to give his/her contribution to the network.

We attended lectures, given by our supervisors or invited professors related to their field, on applied optics and its effect on biomechanics, modelling of ectasia and keratoconus, corneal biomechanics and machine learning.

In addition to the academic lectures, they gave us tips on how to improve our scientific writing, and scientific communication and build a successful research career. Furthermore, we discussed ethics and its application to biomechanical research.


During these days we also held the elections for next year ESR members, who will supervise the different boards.

The ESR’s, together with all the supervisors, visited the city of Cambridge, getting to know all the wonderful places that this city has to offer. This free time allowed us to get to know each other in a more non-professional way, as each of us is in a different academic institution, and to exchange opinions and ideas for our future as researchers and for the improvement of our work as a network.

This meeting gave us great motivation to continue working together and to share our knowledge and our discoveries with the whole network.

Summarized by: María Mechó-GarcíaBenedetta Fantaci